Electrical Surge

Common electrical problems at home

Regular Electrical Surges

Usually, Electrical surges are Caused by lightning strikes,faulty appliances and fault wirings at home.Electrical surge lasts only a microsecond but if it occurs again and again then it might damage the component’s life and this leads to less reliability of those components.

If you go under Electrical surges apart from lightning strike then any one of the components which are connected to the mainboard is making or creating surges. In order to avoid these surges,try to remove the cheap components one by one and check.


Lights Too Bright or DIM

 If some lights at home are brighter and some are Dim then there can be any of the below-mentioned problem

1. Wattage of different bulb or tube light may vary, so make sure all of them are identical.
2. neutral wire is not connected: There will be an unbalanced flow of voltage, solve it immediately.


High Electrical Bill


 Electrical Bill cost can be reduced by

•Changing to a more cost-effective provider
•Replacing or removing electrical components which causes surges
•Unplugging appliances and chargers when not in use
•Repairing damaged, faulty wiring or circuits

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